Commemoratives, Staffordshire Pot Lids & Prattware Auction
Saturday 5th November 2016 at 12 Noon
To be held at
Padworth Court Hotel Holiday Inn
Near Reading
Lots: 1-50 of 513
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Lot Description and Estimate Images Sold For

A cylindrical pottery mug printed in brown and decorated in underglaze colours with a locomotive named Fury, circa 1850, 104mm
Estimate: 40-80


A nursery plate with moulded alphabet border printed in green with a view of 'The Thames Tunnel', chipped, a plate for the Crystal Palace, cracked, a nursery plate with black printed maxim, another 'The Baker', two others and a small Goodfellows jug (7)
Estimate: 40-60


1870 Charles Dickens in Memoriam: a Burleighware jug printed in brown and decorated in colours on a pale ground, 175mm
Estimate: 20-40


A Prattware plaque 'The Parson' moulded with integral elaborate scroll frame, depicted full-length holding a pipe, his left hand outstretched, painted in characteristic palette, circa 1790, 153mm high, restored * See Prattware 1780-1840 by J&G Lewis, page 187
Estimate: 100-200


John Wesley: a Wedgwood blue jasperware circular medallion applied in white with a head and shoulders likeness, the reverse impressed Wedgwood also an O, second half of 19th century, 63mm
Estimate: 80-120


Benjamin Franklin: a Wedgwood blue jasperware oval medallion applied in white with a profile after Jean Baptiste Nini, the reverse with impressed mark and name, 102mm high
Estimate: 120-240


A mug printed in black with an inscribed view of 1862 International Exhibition and a small white stoneware jug moulded with classical figures, 99mm (2)
Estimate: 20-40


A small white portrait bust by Robinson & Leadbeater depicting Spurgeon, 120mm and another by Hewitt & Leadbeater depicting William Clowes (2)
Estimate: 20-40


Frederick the Great: a Berlin porcelain circular white bisque medallion moulded with a likeness, indistinctly signed and dated beneath the shoulder Guillame fecit 1785, the reverse impressed with name and marked with the crossed mark of 1945-1962, 78mm
Estimate: 50-100


1908 Battle of Poltava Bi-centenary: a colourful printed tin beaker by Khaimovsky of Saint Petersburg, 126mm
Estimate: 30-60


1969 Moon Landing: an Aynsley globe and a Royal Copenhagen plate (2)
Estimate: 20-40


Napoleon III and Eugenie: two Staffordshire pottery portrait groups, one named in gilt script, both well painted in colours, circa 1860, 307mm (2)
Estimate: 100-200


An 18th century Delft pottery bottle the shoulders set with twin handles, painted in blue and inscribed in magenta, 132mm, defective, a cylindrical creamware teapoy and a miniature blue printed plate (3)
Estimate: 30-60


Sir Francis Burdett: a cylindrical pearlware mug decorated in silver lustre and printed in grey with an inscribed portrait, circa 1810, 85mm * See Commemorative Pottery, plate 194
Estimate: 150-180


1820 Chester Election: a pink lustre decorated pearlware jug painted in colours and inscribed with the names of the Whigs elected, 120mm, restored * See British Commemorative, plate 61
Estimate: 30-60


Henry Brougham and Thomas Denman: a moulded pottery jug with maskhead spout decorated in blue, orange and brown, the rim impressed with names, circa 1821, 106mm * See Commemorative Pottery, plates 216 and 217
Estimate: 100-120


Earl Grey and Lord Russell: a small pair of plates, the colourful borders lined in crimson, green and black, each printed with a named portrait, circa 1830, 162mm (2)
Estimate: 70-90


1832 Reform: a moulded pottery jug printed in blue with named portraits of Russell and Brougham, circa 1832, 136mm
Estimate: 50-70


1832 Reform: a lobed pottery jug printed in purple with a named portrait of Russell the reverse inscribed 'Reform', C&R mark, circa 1832, 150mm
Estimate: 50-70


1832 Reform: a lobed pottery jug printed in pink, 136mm, restored
Estimate: 30-40


1832 Reform: a lobed pottery jug by Goodwins & Harris printed in purple with a scene of the 'Dissolution of Parliament' and on the reverse figures holding a scroll detailing the supporters, printed mark, circa 1832, 175mm, minor hairline crack * See Commemorative Pottery, plates 209 and 210
Estimate: 70-90


A circular papier-mâché snuff box the cover with a named colour portrait of Earl Grey and another Thomas Attwood (4)
Estimate: 40-60


1881 Disraeli in Memoriam: a Wedgwood pottery jug printed in black, 156mm
Estimate: 30-40


1810 Sir Francis Burdett: a yellow ground jug lined in silver and printed in grey with a named portrait, 121mm, chips to foot and spout
Estimate: 100-150


1832 Reform: a cylindrical pottery mug printed in pink with named portraits of Brougham and Grey, 77mm
Estimate: 60-80


1832 Reform: a cylindrical pottery mug, the interior modelled with a colourful frog, printed in purple, 97mm
Estimate: 70-100


Corn Laws: a pearlware jug inscribed for agricultural success and reduced taxes, circa 1820, another, circa 1846 and a jug for Wellington in memoriam (3)
Estimate: 40-80


A white parian bust by Hewitt & Leadbeater depicting Gladstone, 183mm and another by Robinson & Leadbeater of Lord Salisbury (2)
Estimate: 30-60


1819 Peterloo Massacre: a particularly rare and good glass picture graphically depicting the Manchester Yeomanry dispersing the crowd, in original frame, 296 x 395mm overall * On 16th August 1819 a huge crowd assembled at St Peter's Field in Manchester to hear the orator Henry Hunt. Acting upon instructions of the local magistrates the Yeomanry endeavoured to disperse the crowd. In the ensuing mayhem fifteen people were killed and many hundreds injured.
Estimate: 400-800


1757 King of Prussia: a small cylindrical Worcester mug printed in grey with a named and dated portrait and on the reverse Fame, centred by trophies of war, 86mm, restored
Estimate: 120-180


1757 King of Prussia: a large cylindrical Worcester mug printed in grey with a named and dated portrait and on the reverse Fame, centred by trophies of war, 141mm, restored
Estimate: 150-250


Admiral Sir G. Bridges Rodney: a creamware bowl printed in black with a named portrait and on the exterior coat of arms and Masonic emblems, circa 1782, 182mm diameter, defective * See Commemorative Pottery, plate 143
Estimate: 50-80


Duke of York and the French Crown: a Prattware jug moulded with a profile in colourful uniform and on the reverse Louis XVI, his wife and the Dauphin, circa 1793, 145mm, restored * See Commemorative Pottery, page 20
Estimate: 50-80


1811 Wellington and George III: a rare creamware jug printed in black with a named portrait oval depicting Wellington and on the reverse a portrait oval entitled 'George the Third in the 51st year of his reign', 216mm high, small rim chips,
Estimate: 200-300


Lord Rodney and Lord Hill: a rare pottery jug, the bellied body moulded with lines and painted in underglaze mottled brown and green, applied in white with full-length named portraits, circa 1785, 133mm, restored * The British success at the Battle of the Saintes in 1782, where Hood under Rodney's command defeated the combined French and Spanish fleets, is likely to have been the inspiration for this jug.
Estimate: 100-150


A snuff box the cover pressed with an oval scene entitled 'Les Deux Victimes', circa 1800 * A play on the London stage addressing the issue of deserters from the French army is possibly the inspiration for this scene.
Estimate: 30-60


1802 Peace of Amiens: an attractive pearlware coffee pot and cover printed in brown and decorated in coloured enamels, 270mm
Estimate: 70-90


World War I: three pottery plates and a printed cotton scarf (4)
Estimate: 20-40


World Wars: A Delft plate for November 1918 and three for the Second War (4)
Estimate: 20-40


Lord Wellington and General Hill: a colourful moulded jug with named portraits, circa 1809, 160mm, restored
Estimate: 70-90


A pearlware jug printed in grey and decorated in colours with a cartoon 'Boneys Return form Russia to Paris', circa 1812, 122mm and a moulded jug with named portraits of Denman and Brougham, both restored (2)
Estimate: 50-80


A cylindrical mug decorated with the Sailors Arms, cracked, a reproduction Nelson and Hardy jug, a French pottery plate, cracked, a miniature plate with Punch cartoon of the Kaiser and a Nine Hour Movement plate (5)
Estimate: 30-40


1757 King of Prussia: a Royal Worcester cylindrical mug of small size printed in grey with a named and dated portrait and on the reverse Fame, centred by a vignette of flags and trophies of war, 87mm, restored
Estimate: 120-180


A rare oval Prattware portrait medallion moulded with a half-length profile looking to dexter believed to be the Duke of York in a blue tunic and brown hat, circa 1795, 116mm high, chip to rear * See Prattware 1780-1840, page 121 for a not dissimilar moulded portrait.
Estimate: 200-400


Admiral Lord Nelson: a good Prattware portrait medallion moulded with a half-length likeness in naval uniform after Lemuel Abbott and decorated in typical palette, circa 1800, 112mm high
Estimate: 300-600


1802 Peace of Amiens: a large pearlware tankard printed in brown and decorated in colours with allegorical panels, 151mm, chips to foot
Estimate: 80-100


A white parian portrait bust depicting General Gordon, circa 1885, 202mm and another by Robinson & Leadbeater of Lord Kitchener (2)
Estimate: 30-50


1900 Transvaal: a Copeland 'Subscriber's copy' tyg, handle restored
Estimate: 80-120


Five World War I crested pieces, two similar mugs for 1919 peace, another Lord Roberts and an Arcadian bust of Queen Mary (9)
Estimate: 30-40


A Burleighware character jug depicting Winston Churchill, the underside inscribed and dated 1965, 125mm and a Copeland plate printed in grey with portraits of the Chamberlain family (2)
Estimate: 30-50

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