Commemoratives, Staffordshire Pot Lids & Prattware Auction
Saturday 5th November 2016 at 12 Noon
To be held at
Padworth Court Hotel Holiday Inn
Near Reading
Lots: 51-100 of 513
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Lot Description and Estimate Images Sold For

Winston Churchill: a colourful Copeland pottery toby jug, circa 1941, 218mm
Estimate: 40-80


A pair of 20th century Wedgwood green jasperware portrait medallions depicting Lord Nelson and Queen Charlotte, each impressed on the reverse, 109mm (2)
Estimate: 30-60


1805 Nelson in memoriam: a good glass picture depicting Nelson being carried away on a conch sea chariot, original frame, 302 x 410mm overall
Estimate: 200-300


1814 Peace: a good glass picture entitled 'Plenty & Peace all over the World', published June 17 1814 by P & P, framed, 296 x 401mm overall
Estimate: 100-150


1816 Bombardment of Algiers: a good and rare glass picture graphically illustrating the attack, inscribed and dated beneath, original frame, 297 x 399mm overall * On 27th August 1816 the combined Fleets of Britain and the Netherlands, under Admiral Lord Exmouth, bombarded the harbour of Algiers in an attempt to free European slaves.
Estimate: 250-350


1817 Princess Charlotte in memoriam: a white stoneware blue ground mug moulded with scenes, 72mm, a similar small jug and a pink lustre cup (3)
Estimate: 40-60


1819 Prince of Wales: an unusual and attractive Prattware plaque with integral moulded oval frame and colourful likeness above a ribbon inscribed POW, painted in a typical palette, the reverse incised JB 1819, 100mm high, fine hairline crack and chips to rear and hanging loop
Estimate: 150-300


1820 Caroline: a copper lustre jug printed in puce with a named portrait and on the reverse the Green Bag rhyme, 117mm
Estimate: 100-140


1831 Coronation: a pottery jug printed in black with portraits centred by the Garter Star and inscription, 117mm, restored
Estimate: 30-40


1837 Proclamation: a pottery jug printed in black with portraits and dated inscription, 181mm, handle restored
Estimate: 40-50


A brown stoneware flask moulded with named portraits of Victoria and the Duchess of Kent, circa 1837, 181mm, drilled and a brown glazed harvest jug moulded with superimposed profiles of Victoria and Albert, circa 1840 (2)
Estimate: 70-100


1840 Wedding: a nursery plate with colourful floral and foliate border printed in black with named portraits, 199mm
Estimate: 80-120


1863 Wedding: a pottery plate with floral moulded border printed in black with named and dated portraits, 185mm
Estimate: 60-80


Victoria: a white parian portrait bust on integral socle base, circa 1850, 182mm
Estimate: 60-80


A tapering pottery mug for 1887 jubilee, a Doulton Burslem cup and saucer for 1901 in memoriam and an Allervale style loving cup, the green ground moulded with portraits and inscribed for 1902 coronation, indistinct impressed mark (4)
Estimate: 40-60


Three fine quality saucers for bespoke dinner services including an English porcelain saucer the floral interlaced L's surmounted by the crown of a monarch's offspring the reverse with gilder's mark and affixed with a Doulton Minton Archive Collection sticker, circa 1880; a Minton for Goode saucer with 'M' monogram surmounted by a crown with nine points, mid-20th century; a Minton for Goode saucer with heraldic crest of the Duchess of Alba, within a jewelled blue and gilt border, mid-20th century(3) * The interlaced L's may be the monogram of Prince Leopold, youngest child of Queen Victoria
Estimate: 50-150


1937 George VI: a Beswickware portrait bust after Felix Weiss, 213mm
Estimate: 30-40


1953 Coronation: a rare pair of Minton dishes, one claret ground one blue, each with gilt monogram and inscription, 110 mm, diameter (2)
Estimate: 50-100


A circular papier-mâché snuffbox the lid with a named engraving of Duke of York, circa 1815, another similar Duke of Kent, another Queen of Wirtemburgh and Queen Charlotte (8)
Estimate: 100-200


A small pink lustre banded mug printed in black for the 1858 wedding, a pink printed mug with portraits of Victoria and Albert and a nursery mug initialled Q (3)
Estimate: 20-40


1863 Wedding: a porcelaineous mug printed in pink with named portraits another printed in purple, chip to foot and a mug for 1888 Silver Wedding (3)
Estimate: 40-60


A photograph depicting Princess Alexandra and her sister Thyra of Denmark depicted in a lavishly furnished room (possible Marlborough House), ink signed Alexandra and Thyra, framed, circa 1880, 422 x 365mm overall, a photograph of the Greek Royal Family annotated with names and inscribed 'Corfu 1910' and a bookplate depicting Edward Prince of Wales, ink signed together with the book by Hector Bolitho (4) 100/200


1897 Jubilee: a pottery mug by Aynsley for Whiteley, a William Lowe yellow ground beaker and two Doulton Burslem beakers (4)
Estimate: 40-80


Two enamelled metal beakers for 1897, another 1902, two for Queen Wilhelmina, a small mug for 1902 and two Samson copies of GR armorial mugs (8)
Estimate: 40-80


1911 Coronation: nine various mugs (9)
Estimate: 30-60


1911 Coronation: eight various beakers and two for 1919 Peace (10)
Estimate: 30-50


A Royal Stafford mug for 1934 opening of The New Mersey Tunnel by the King, a mug for 1925 Whitby Hospital opening by Princess Mary and a dish depicting the Duchess of York (3)
Estimate: 30-40


Princess Elizabeth: a small Paragon mug with named portrait after Marcus Adams, another by Crown Ducal also a small bowl and mug with magpies (4)
Estimate: 50-80


A Royal Doulton tapering porcelain mug with named portrait of Princess Margaret dated 1937, a small Paragon mug with budgerigars and three mugs depicting the Princesses, one damaged (5)
Estimate: 50-80


A mug for 1937 coronation retailed by Goode, two others by Copeland and another similar for 1935 jubilee (4)
Estimate: 30-60


1937 Coronation: four mugs and a small loving cup (5)
Estimate: 30-60


A green ground Royal Doulton porcelain beaker for 1937 Coronation, two other beakers and two mugs by Foley for Edward VIII (5)
Estimate: 30-60


1937 Coronation: a Royal Crown Derby loving cup with sepia portraits and gilded, 115mm
Estimate: 80-100


Three mugs each for 1949 visit to Australia, two with named portraits of Princess Margaret and a green Minton mug for 1952 visit by Princess Elizabeth (4)
Estimate: 50-80


Three mugs for 1953 coronation, a Royal Crown Derby small loving cup for 1985 Queen Mother, a J&J May naval mug for 1986 wedding and another for their 1996 divorce (6)
Estimate: 30-40


1816 Wedding: a pink lustre decorated jug of small size moulded with named portraits, 110mm, bottom of handle restored
Estimate: 50-100


1817 Princess Charlotte: a pearlware jug printed in grey with named portrait ovals, restored, 117mm
Estimate: 30-50


1831 Coronation: a small jug the moulded body printed with portraits in purple. 132mm
Estimate: 70-100


1837 Victoria: a brown glazed stoneware spirit flask moulded with named portraits of Victoria and the Duchess of Kent, 205mm * See Victoria Remembered, plate 26
Estimate: 70-100


1837 Victoria: a good jug by Read & Clementson attractively printed in pink with portraits of Victoria and the Duchess of Kent centred by name, date and flowers of the Union, 200mm * See Victoria Remembered, plates 19 and 20
Estimate: 120-180


1837 Victoria: a plate printed in black with a portrait after Henry Collen inscribed 'Hail Victoria' * See Victoria Remembered, plate 29
Estimate: 100-140


William III: an early-19th century jug printed in grey and enamelled in colour, restored and a 'No Surrender' cup and saucer (3)
Estimate: 30-40


An Albion jug for 1863, a saucer depicting Queen Victoria, a nursery plate 'Englands Hope' and a Worcester Locke & Co scent flask, chipped (4)
Estimate: 30-60


Victoria's Jubilee: a matching moulded jug and mug by Doulton Burslem printed with sepia portraits on gold reserves, jug 219mm (2)
Estimate: 30-40


1902 Coronation: a stylish green glazed jug by Minton, 169mm and a WMF style pewter dish (2)
Estimate: 25-35


George III and Charlotte: a pair of late-18th century cast bronze profiles, 121mm high (2)
Estimate: 40-80


Prince Regent: An important, rare and decorative Chinese reverse glass painting depicting the Prince in blue coat and white breeches wearing the Order of the Garter and Masonic insignia, seated upon an elaborate throne adorned with Prince of Wales feathers, the backboards with two Chinese characters in ink, inscribed (possibly in Tibetan) and affixed with an old hand written label in the same script, the frame with minor modifications, circa 1810, original frame, 575 x 423mm overall * The Chinese practice of reverse glass painting dates back to as early as 1715. In Europe the fashion for such pieces became popular in the 1750s but, given their fragile nature, few examples survive. The Prince of Wales was initiated as a Mason on 6th February 1787 at a special lodge at the Star and Garter, Pall Mall. He founded a lodge in his name and was its permanent Master from 1787 until 1820 and Grand Master from 1790 until May 1813 when he became Grand Patron of the Order.
Estimate: 3000-5000


A good pearlware nursery plate the border moulded with flowers and foliage, printed in black and decorated in colours with figures riding a velocipede entitled 'A Visit from Richmond to Carlton House', circa 1820, 168mm * Carlton House was the residence of the Prince of Wales; Richmond most probably refers to where he met Mrs. Fitzherbert in 1784. The type of hobby horse or walking machine was popular between 1818 and 1820
Estimate: 200-400


Frederick Duke of York: a rare brown stoneware spirit flask, depicted in a tail coat pinned with the Order of the Garter and cloak, holding a hat, circa 1820, 246mm small chips to foot * See Reform Flasks, plate 96. With the Garter Star, side-whiskers, round and balding head this almost certainly depicts the Duke of York.
Estimate: 200-300


Queen Caroline: an oviform jug moulded with named portrait ovals superimposed with blue printed and colour decorated scenes of birds and flowers in gardens, circa 1820, 117mm
Estimate: 70-100

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