British Ceramics 1690s to 1960s, Caricatures,
Commemoratives, Fairings and Pot Lids Sale
on Saturday 18th November 2017

Lots Marked with a # symbol are internet viewing only and will not be available in the auction room for viewing or collection.

1.      A pleasant termination to a happy evening, top of stick restored 60-90
2.      Just as it should be and Kiss me quick, with banister, both restored (2) 40-60
3.      Sir! Where's your gloves? restored and Can you do this Grandma? (2) 40-60
4.      Nice views 100-150
5.      The return 100-150
6.      The convenience of married life 100-150
7.      Don't wake the baby and Returning from the ball, restored (2) 40-60
8.      Wide awake, small chip and Coming from the ball, restored (2) 40-60
9.      Repentance, restored and Taking the cream (2) 50-80
10.     Home sweet home 100-150
11.     Hst! My dolls sleep, finger restored 100-140
12.     First caresses 120-180
13.     Le dessert, restored and Taking the cream (2) 70-90
14.     The lovers disturbed, restored and Oyster day, restored (2) 40-60
15.     If youth Knew and Defeat, both restored (2) 40-50
16.     If youth knew, foot restored and Checkmate, restored (2) 40-50
17.     Its only moustache 100-200
18.     How Bridget served the tomatoes undressed 100-200
19.     Eighty strokes of the pulse in the minute 100-200
20.     If you please sir, restored and The Orphans, tiny chip (2) 80-100
21.     If you please sir, restored and Good templars (2) 80-100
22.     The landlord in love, candle restored and Pluck, restored (2) 50-70
23.     The landlord in love, two different varieties, both restored (2) 50-70
24.     An awkward interruption and The landlord in love, restored (2) 30-50
25.     Two different views, restored and Sarah's young man, chipped (2) 30-40
26.     Caught in the act, untitled and restored and Come along these flowers don't smell very good (2) 40-80
27.     Lor! Three legs I'll charge 2d, restored and Sarah's young man, restored (2) 40-60
28.     Married blessedness; The delights of matrimony and a blacksmith repairing the hoop of a lady's bustle, each restored (3) 30-60
29.     The wet reception and Sarah's young man (2) 40-80
30.     All over 100-140
31.     Just in time 100-140
32.     I will warm you, title repainted 80-120
33.     Who said rats? And Shamming sick, both with restored bottles (2) 50-70
34.     Courtship; Hark Tom, somebody's coming and Lor! Three legs I'll charge 2d, each restored (3) 50-80
35.     Waiting for a bus, small size and between two stools you fall to the ground (2) 70-100
36.     Waiting for a bus and Favourable opportunity, both restored (2) 70-90
37.     Waiting for a bus, restored and The spoils of war, minor restoration (2) 60-80
38.     How's your poor feet? hat brim restored and Go away Mamma I am busy, restored (2) 50-80
39.     How's your poor feet? restored and Come along these flowers don't smell very good, head reaffixed (2) 40-60
40.     The organ boy and Looking down upon his luck, restored (2) 70-90
41.     The organ boy, restored and Favourable opportunity, hat restored (2) 50-80
42.     Cancan and The power of love, restored (2) 70-90
43.     Cancan, restored and Come along these flowers don't smell very good, restored (2) 40-80
44.     Cancan, repaired and Go away Mamma I am busy, restored (2) 40-80
45.     Cancan, restored and The power of love 70-100
46.     Walk in, restored and When a man is married his troubles begin, repaired (2) 30-50
47.     Am I right or any other man, restored 80-120
48.     Wine, wife and song, bottle restored and mandolin chipped 80-100
49.     Master's winning ways 120-180
50.     Fair play boys, small chip 50-70
51.     Fair play boys and Oysters sir? both restored (2) 40-80
52.     Slack 60-80
53.     Slack 50-80
54.     To let and The power of love, both restored (2) 30-40
55.     To let, restored and Oysters sir? (2) 40-50
56.     A doubtful case and The decided smash both restored (2) 40-50
57.     A doubtful case, restored and The power of love (2) 40-50
58.     Open your mouth and shut your eyes and Oysters sir? both restored (2) 40-80
59.     Open your mouth and shut your eyes, restored and the power of love (2) 40-80
60.     Come away do, statue reaffixed 150-300
61.     Seeing him home, minor restoration 80-100
62.     Let us speak of a man as we find him, shoe restored 80-120
63.     A long pull and a strong pull 80-100
64.     In chancery 70-100
65.     In chancery 60-90
66.     Pluck and The decided smash, both restored (2) 40-80
67.     Pluck and The decided smash, both restored (2) 40-80
68.     Tug of war and The spoils of war, both restored (2) 40-80
69.     Trespassing 80-100
70.     No followers allowed 80-120
71.     By appointment the first of April, restored 70-90
72.     I beg your pardon, restored 40-80
73.     For taste, restored 40-60
74.     Sleeping Beauty, three examples, each restored (3) 20-40
75.     Le malade schovi, hand restored 60-80
76.     Das unterbrochene kapitel, toes chipped 60-100
77.     Das getheitte fruhstuch 70-100
78.     Militairische attaque 70-100
79.     Wen das alter konte, modelled as a spill holder, broom handle restored 60-100
80.     Radetzky, horse's legs restored 40-80
81.     Metz, modelled as a watch holder 80-100
82.     Sedan, modelled as a watch holder, restored 60-100
83.     A Royal Vienna fairing, restored 100-200
84.     Avant, small variety 70-100
85.     Tres gentil, restored 60-90
86.     Le chaste Joseph, head reaffixed 50-100
87.     Kiss me quick, small variety, front wheels and handlebars restored 100-140
88.     The girls of the period, handlebars restored 100-150
89.     Every vehicle driven by a horse, mule or ass 2d, small variety 150-300
90.     Every vehicle driven by a horse, mule or ass 2d, small variety, restored 100-140
91.     Who is the fastest of the three, her head reaffixed 100-150
92.     Every vehicle driven by a horse, mule or ass 2d, handlebar restored 120-150
93.     A dangerous encounter, handlebar restored 140-200
94.     The girls of the period, restored 80-120
95.     Beware of a collision, restored 100-140
96.     To Epsom 300-600
97.     # Seven various fairings (7) 80-160
98.     # Seven various fairings (7) 60-120
99.     # Seven various fairings (7) 50-100
100.    # Seven various fairings (7) 60-120
101.    # Seven various fairings (7) 50-100
102.    # Seven various fairings (7) 60-140
103.    # Seven various fairings (7) 60-140
104.    # Seven various fairings (7) 80-160
105.    # Six various fairings (6) 60-120
106.    # Six various fairings (6) 100-200
107.    # Six various fairings (6) 70-140
108.    # Six various fairings (6) 70-140
109.    # Six various fairings (6) 60-120
110.    #Six various fairings (6) 50-100
111.    # Six various fairings (6) 60-100
112.    # Six various fairings (6) 80-160
113.    # Six various fairings (6) 50-100
114.    # Six various fairings (6) 60-120
115.    # Six various fairings (6) 60-100
116.    # A good example of The Welsh tea party in a boat, two others and fourteen other Welsh related fairings (17) 80-120
117.    # Five nursery rhyme fairings and another (6) 50-100
118.    # Six nursery rhyme type fairings and another The early bird, restored (7) 40-80
119.    # Seven gilt titled later fairings and eight others (15) 100-200
120.    # Fifteen gilt titled later fairings and another (16) 100-200
121.    # Twenty eight later issue fairings (28) 50-100
122.    # A 19th century Staffordshire figure entitled Not Sarah Drunk, restored; a continental porcelain group The Flower Seller; a reproduction fairing and pair of match holders; also three figurines (8) 30-60
123.    # Twenty-six pinboxes including I wish I were a fish, some lacking bases (a lot) 100-200
124.    # Twenty various animals, figures, holders etc (20) 80-160
125.    # Eleven matchstrikers each modelled with figures (11) 50-100
126.    # Ten pairs of matchstrikers each modelled with figures (20) 100-150
127.    # Seven pairs of matchstriker figures and two single figures (16) 50-100
128.    # Eleven different later issue bed fairings (11) 50-150
129.    # Twenty-nine later issue bed fairings comprising six different subjects (29) 100-200
130.    # Seven different examples of earlier issue bed fairings (7) 50-100
131.    # Thirty-five earlier issue bed fairings comprising four subjects (35) 100-200
132.    #Forty-three earlier issue bed fairings comprising three subjects (43) 100-200
133.    # Eight large earlier issue bed fairings with unmoulded bases comprising six varieties (8) 100-200
134.    # Twenty-two large earlier issue bed fairings with scroll moulded bases comprising six varieties including Trois heures en matin (22) 150-250
135.    # Forty various fairings each defective (40) 50-150
136.    # Twenty-one various earlier fairings each defective 50-100
137.    # God Save the Queen; Oysters Sir; Returning at one o'clock in the morning; Please sir, minor repair; Kiss me quick, chips; twelve other fairings and pinboxes and a small Staffordshire figure (a lot) 50-100
138.    A small Portuguese Palissy ware dish by Jose A Cunha modelled with a coiled snake, butterflies and larvae, impressed mark, 107mm, and another indistinctly marked, minor restoration to beetle and wing tips, both circa 1880 (2) 60-120
139.    A Portuguese Palissy ware dish by Jose A Cunha modelled with a snake being eaten by an alligator, lizard, frog, snail and butterflies, impressed mark, circa 1880, 232mm 80-140
140.    A late-19th century stoneware ewer with incised decoration in magenta and inscribed escutcheon, 238mm 30-60
141.    A pottery figure of a flower maiden with painted decoration glazed in green, restored, a hard paste white glazed porcelain figure of a Dutchman, two small brown stoneware groups and a Staffordshire later slip cast model of a reclining ram, 160mm high (5) 50-100
142.    # A mid-19th century Staffordshire pottery cottage modelled as a gatehouse, 195mm, minor floral loss to side; another similar, restored; three encrusted cottages, one chipped and cracked; a smaller gatehouse, minor chip and a gothic style pastel burner with restored tower (7) 50-150
143.    # A Clarice Cliff ,Bizarre' cup, 82mm and a bowl, both with hairline cracks (2) 20-40
144.    A colourful Staffordshire figure depicting a maiden grieving beside a memorial urn upon a plinth, circa 1815, 233mm, hairline crack to wrist and a mid-19th century Staffordshire figure of Nelson, restored (2) * See English Earthenware Figures, page 181 100-200
145.    # Seven various reference books including Prattware 1780 - 1840 by J and G Lewis, Commemorative Pottery, Gifts for Good Children (7) 30-60
146.    Dewar's Whisky: a pottery teapot stand by W. T Copeland & Sons well printed in colours with an amusing Scottish scene inscribed 'Dewar's Perth Whisky, 50 gold & prize medals awarded', the underside with printed and impressed marks, 156mm diameter, gilt rim rubbed 150-300
147.    A late-19th century Copeland for Daniell of London dessert plate decorated with chains of oak leaves within a profusely gilded border, a pink lustre saucer dish and a miniature pearlware tea cup and saucer painted with bands of flowers and foliage (4) 40-80
148.    # A brown stoneware cylindrical mug applied with moulded figures, windmill and huntsmen, 136mm, a similar beaker and two jugs each with silver metal rims, each dating from the second half of the 19th century (4) 80-120
149.    # A mid-19th century brown stoneware jug boldly moulded with fawns and on the reverse bacchanalians riding a donkey, 204mm and a late-19th century brown stoneware wine jug (2) 80-120
150.    Three Delft tiles each polychrome decorated with figural scenes, framed, another painted in blue with impressed stamp to the reverse and a tea caddy and cover moulded with full-length figures and painted in blue (6) 50-100
151.    An 18th century English Delft tile painted in manganese with the scene of Joseph put in a pit, another similar possible depicting Cain slaying Abel, both framed and two 18th century Dutch Delft tiles painted in manganese with Dutch scenes (4)
* See English Tin Glaze Tiles by Jonathon Horne, numbers 443 and 470 80-140
152.    # Five Delft tiles each delicately painted in manganese with a parable, probably Dutch 18th century, contained in a 19th century heavy cast iron frame 50-150
153.    An amusing English pottery jug modelled as a frog seated upon a lilly decorated in green and brown, the base with impressed registration mark for November 1872, 145mm high, small chip to edge of base 50-100
154.    A colourful jug by Minton modelled with a deerhound handle the body moulded with game including hare, boar and deer, decorated in green, blue and brown, the interior pink, impressed marks for April 1889, 265mm, restoration to spout and ears 50-80
155.    A good and attractive pair of Doulton Lambeth faience vases by Mary M Arding, the slender oviform bodies painted with flowers and foliage on a yellow ground, indistinct impressed marks and brown painted MMA98 mark, circa 1890, 230mm (2) 80-120
156.    A creamware inkstand, the basketware body of heart shape moulded with flowers and foliage painted in underglaze green, brown and blue, circa 1790, 96mm wide, lacking wells 50-100
157.    A Prattware wall pocket, possibly Leeds, the cornucopia body moulded as a putto holding aloft a brazier emblematic of Winter, decorated in underglaze green, circa 1790, 224mm
* See Prattware by John and Griselda Lewis, page 234 80-140
158.    A Whieldon type wall pocket modelled as a maskhead within foliage and scrolls, decorated in brown, green and yellow, 245mm high, some restoration 120-160
159.    A Prattware tea caddy well moulded with a gentleman and his servant and on the reverse a lady and her maid each with ridiculous wigs, attractively painted in a typical palette, circa 1790, 116mm high
* See Prattware, page 234 120-180
160.    A good and attractive pearlware double flask initialled JH, well painted on both sides in green, blue, yellow and orange with flowers and foliage, the shoulders banded with stylised foliage, circa 1790, 148mm diameter 120-200
161.    A large oval Prattware plaque surmounted by a bow moulded with a classical head in profile painted in blue and brown, circa 1800, 262mm, restored crack
* See Prattware, page 210 100-150
162.    A pearlware Hearty Good Fellow jug depicted standing holding a pipe and jug of ale on a rocky base painted in blue, orange and brown, circa 1820, 236mm restored.
* See Prattware, page 220 120-180
163.    A good pearlware toby jug depicted seated with colourful face holding a jug of ale and wearing a blue coat with yellow cuffs and orange breeches, the base, back and handle with marbled decoration, circa 1810, 255mm.
* See Prattware, page 219 right hand jug 220-320
164.    A Staffordshire pottery cottage heavily potted and with encrusted decoration and gilt lined base, circa 1860, 176mm 30-50
165.    A pearlware watch holder modelled with a figure named 'Time', circa 1830, 210mm, top of clock restored 60-80
166.    A colourful pearlware watch holder modelled as a longcase clock flanked by figures, painted in typical Pratt palette, circa 1810, 254mm high, finials and hood restored 50-100
167.    Two Staffordshire pottery watch holders each modelled with three figures of ladies, circa 1860, smallest 272mm high (2) 60-80
168.    A well coloured Staffordshire pottery group of figures beside a camp fire, 203mm, hairline crack to rear and another with a figure climbing a tree, both circa 1850 (2) 30-60
169.    A good Staffordshire pottery group depicting a lady in Eastern costume reclining on a bed and playing the violin, circa 1840, 132mm high 60-90
170.    A good pair of Staffordshire pottery figures emblematic of Summer and Autumn, 180mm high, circa 1850 (2) 40-60
171.    An unusual small naively modelled figure of a seated lady painted in greens, ochre, dark crimson and black, circa 1800, 101mm, neck restored.
* See Prattware, page 90 60-100
172.    A creamware sauce boat modelled as a duck painted in blue, green and black, 174mm long, circa 1800, beak restored.
* See Prattware, page 240 middle 80-120
173.    A pearlware sauce boat moulded with panels of swags and tassels painted in yellow, green and blue, circa 1800. 108mm high, chip to spout and handle cracked 30-40
174.    A pearlware Bacchus mug painted in green, yellow, orange and brown, circa 1800, 88mm 70-100
175.    A creamware Bacchus mug decorated in underglaze blue, the base initialled B, circa 1790, 93mm, rim chip 80-100
176.    A pale buff coloured earthenware Bacchus jug with integral shell base and spreading scroll foot, painted in green and brown, 117mm, circa 1790, hole to base 60-120
177.    A creamware Bacchus jug with integral shell moulded spreading foot, painted in green and brown, 114mm, circa 1790 140-180
178.    An unusual Bacchus mug on flute moulded spreading foot, the interior modelled with a buff coloured frog, painted in green, yellow, orange and blue, 122mm circa 1840 140-180
179.    A good early Staffordshire figure emblematic of Winter decorated in green and brown, circa 1785, 174mm.
* See English Earthenware Figures by Pat Halfpenny, page 67 150-250
180.    A pair of Staffordshire pottery figures of a lady and gentleman each entitled 'Old Age', circa 1800, 175mm, restored (2) 60-120
181.    A matched pair of Staffordshire pottery figures of a lady and gentleman each in out door dress, circa 1800, 175mm, restored (2) 100-150
182.    A pearlware figure of the Sailor's Lass her dress edged in underglaze blue, circa 1790, 210mm, restoration to hat and neck.
* See English Earthenware Figures, page 69 50-100
183.    A good Staffordshire pearlware figure of Charity painted in bright colours, circa 1815, 215mm 150-250
184.    A pearlware figure of the Lost Sheep well modelled and painted in strong colours of blue, ochre, green and brown, circa 1795, 216mm, base and sheep's tail restored.
* See English Earthenware Figures, page 117 and Prattware, page 73 100-150
185.    A white stoneware candlestick, the base modelled with the grieving figure of Antonia, 213mm, circa 1815, tree branch restored 80-100
186.    A good Portobello earthenware spill holder modelled as the seated figure of Tam o Shanter painted in characteristic palette of dark green, dark crimson, yellow and brown, circa 1810, 210mm 200-300
187.    A Staffordshire group of the Vicar and Mosses, circa 1820, restored 100-200
188.    A Staffordshire group entitled 'Return', circa 1810, 220mm, bocage missing and repaired 80-120
189.    A Staffordshire group entitled 'Saint Peter', bocage missing, circa 1820, 188mm 100-150
190.    A Prattware figure entitled on the underside 'Elijah' depicted with the raven, painted in typical palette, circa 1800, 238mm high, minor firing crack 250-350
191.    A Staffordshire pearlware figure of a boy holding a bunch of grapes and a cup, circa 1810, 195mm, small chips 70-90
192.    A Staffordshire pearlware figure of Venus, circa 1810, 218mm, base chipped and body restored 70-90
193.    A Staffordshire pearlware figure of Peace painted in bright colours, circa 1810, 217mm, neck restored 70-90
194.    A good Prattware figure of Spring attractively painted in a typical palette, circa 1795, 255mm 500-800
195.    A good pearlware figure of Spring decorated in pale colour, the pedestal base decorated in blue, circa 1790, 275mm.
* Labels affixed to the base state ex both Gollancz and Harrison collections. 500-800
196.    A pearlware pottery figure of Spring on an acanthus moulded base with colourful mottled decoration, circa 1795, 225mm, neck restored.
* See English Earthenware Figures, page 109 100-200
197.    A good pair of lightly glazed pottery figures of Summer and Autumn on acanthus moulded bases with dark mottled decoration, circa 1795, 215mm (2).
* See English Earthenware Figures, page 109 200-400
198.    A pearlware pottery figure of Winter attractively decorated in a Pratt palette, the square base named, circa 1800, 225mm, chip to base 150-200
199.    A pearlware figure of a maiden grieving beside a memorial urn on a plinth, circa 1815, 220mm, neck restored.
* See English Earthenware Figures, page 181 80-100
200.    A good pearlware figure of a youth in colourful breeched and gilet the square base named Simon, circa 1810, 243mm.
* See English Earthenware Figures, page 107 150-200
201.    A good Prattware figure, the acanthus moulded base painted in ochre and green and impressed Charity, circa 1795, 225mm 150-300
202.    A Staffordshire pottery figure of Saint Sebastion on a named black painted square base, the reverse indistinctly impressed with two initials, circa 1830, 255mm, arms restored 70-90
203.    A pearlware figure of Neptune the elaborately moulded square base with impressed name, circa 1810, 287mm, restored, together with a replacement metal trident (2) 150-200
204.    A pottery figure by John Walton of a boy with a bird and another of a girl with a lamb both beneath bocage, impressed scroll marks, circa 1815, 146mm, restored (2) 30-40
205.    A pottery figure by Ralph Salt entitled 'Gardeners' with bocage, impressed mark, circa 1820, 144mm another entitled 'Fire' and one other, each restored (3) 40-60
206.    A colourful Staffordshire pottery group of a lady with a lamb and another similar of a man with a dog, both on scroll bases with bocage, circa 1815, 172mm, small chips (2) 50-80
207.    A Staffordshire pottery group depicting young figures centred by a pedestal and bocage on a colourful rectangular base, circa 1820, 185mm, restored 25-35
208.    A pottery group by John Walton entitled 'Tenderness' depicting figures and a lamb beneath bocage, impressed scroll mark, circa 1825, 175mm, some repainting 50-70
209.    A Staffordshire pottery group entitled 'Peter Restoring the Lame Man', circa 1820, 190mm, some restoration 70-90
210.    A large and colourful pair of Staffordshire pottery figures by John Walton entitled 'Elijah' and 'Widow' each depicted seated beneath bocage on named bases with impressed scroll marks, circa 1810, 300mm, minor restoration (2) 300-500
211.    A Staffordshire pottery figure of a ram beneath bocage by Ralph salt, impressed banner mark, 130mm and another similar smaller, both circa 1820 and with restoration (2) 30-40
212.    A Staffordshire pottery group of a standing ram beneath bocage, circa 1830, 182mm and another smaller, both with minor chips to the bocage (2) 30-40
213.    A pair of Staffordshire pottery figures of deer beneath bocage, circa 1825, 132mm, some restoration (2) 30-40
214.    Two small buff coloured pottery models of deer with treacle coloured glaze, 73mm (2) 30-60
215.    A good 19th century pottery model of a green glazed frog on an encrusted oval base, 92mm long 50-100
216.    A buff coloured earthenware model of a sheep with brown and white decoration, probably late-18th century 60-80
217.    A cow creamer of Whieldon type decorated in pale yellow and brown standing upon a green glazed base, restored 100-200
218.    A Staffordshire pottery model of a zebra, 120mm 50-100
219.    A pearlware model of a reclining deer on a green glazed base, 142mm, circa 1780, bocage restored 100-120
220.    A Staffordshire pottery model of a sheep with a lamb, circa 1830, 135mm, restored 150-180
221.    An earthenware figure of a reclining stag on encrusted green glazed base, circa 1805, 178mm high, restored.
* See English Earthenware Figures, page 94 100-200
222.    A 19th century terracotta model of a reclining lion with brown and green streaked glaze, 195mm long 50-100
223.    A 19th century terracotta whistle modelled as a perching bird with cream and brown streaked glaze, 166mm, restored 50-100
224.    A 19th century Staffordshire brown treacle glazed model of a seated spaniel on rectangular base, 220mm 120-150
225.    An English porcelain part tea set comprising a cup, two saucers, a side plate and a bowl, the saucers and plate each painted with landscapes and all the pieces decorated with gilt vermicule to the white ground, circa 1830 (5) 50-100
226.    A Chamberlains Worcester tea service comprising an oval teapot, cover and stand, an oval twin handled tureen and cover, two 215mm plates, one bowl, twelve trumpet shaped cups and saucers decorated with heraldic shields surmounted by the head of a unicorn emerging from a coronet also entwined initials within garters inscribed 'Nunquam non Paratus', the white ground with gilt vermicule decoration within a repeated lozenge border, painted marks on the plates and two lids, circa 1810, one cup with a small firing crack to the handle, two cups with small chips and two cups with fine hairline cracks, some gilding rubbed (32).

* Ex Laurance S. Rockefeller estate, sold Sothebys New York, 11th and 12th October 2005, lot 475 1000-2000
227.    The highly important Barr, Flight & Barr Worcester floral specimen dessert service by William Billingsley comprising two superb tureens and covers each painted on both sides, two 280mm wide oval dishes and twenty-four 209mm plates each well painted with a different floral panel upon a fading grey reserve within gilt vermicule decorated white borders and wide banded gilt rims, impressed and printed marks, circa 1810, one plate chipped, two tureen lid finials with minor restoration, some gilt rubbing (30).

* See The Ewers-Tyne Collection of Worcester Porcelain at the Cheekwood Collection, Nashville, Tennessee by John Sandon, item number 77 for a plate from this unique service identified as being the work of Billingsley. Only employed at Barr, Flight & Barr for a short period, initially as a painter and subsequently perfecting their porcelain bodies Billingsley left in 1813 to set up a porcelain factory in Wales. Ex Laurance S. Rockefeller estate, sold Sotheby's New York, 11th and 12th October 2005, lot 281 8000-12000
228.    A Barr Flight & Barr of Worcester dessert plate attributed to William Billingsley painted with a central floral spray encircled by three large and three small sprays within a wide gold banded rim, the underside with brown printed and impressed marks, circa 1810, 206mm, gilding rubbed and some scratching 60-120
229.    A Flight Barr & Barr Worcester service comprising a small twin handled tureen and cover, twelve 244mm plates, six 205mm dessert plates and six 242mm bowls, the salmon pink borders with gilt vermicule decoration and oval panels with SG monogram surmounted by an Earl's crown, impressed and printed marks, circa 1815, four plates with small chips and some gilt rubbing (26).
* Ex Sothebys New York, 4th and 5th April 2007, lot 182 2000-3000
230.    A Barr Flight & Barr Worcester inkwell of kidney shape modelled with a serpent handle, the central panel painted with feathers flanked by bands of foliage in gilt, with further gilt decoration and lining, the underside with incised B mark, circa 1815, 171mm wide, lacking wells and covers.
* For a similar shape see Flight and Barr Worcester Porcelain 1783 - 1840 by Henry Sandon, plate 59 800-1000
231.    A pair of Barr Flight & Barr Worcester square dishes of lobed outline the centres painted with circular panels of butterflies on a white reserve, the white border with vermicule decoration and wide banded rims all in gilt, the undersides impressed B.F.B. surmounted by a crown, 221mm square, circa 1806, both with well restored rims (2) 300-400
232.    A good Flight Barr & Barr oblong pen tray on four gilt spherical feet painted with a view named on the underside 'Near Matlock Derbyshire' flanked by branches in gold, within a wide gilt banded rim, circa 1820, the base with painted script mark, 212mm long 250-350
233.    A particularly fine Flight Barr & Barr cabinet cup and saucer by Thomas Baxter, the twin handled urn shaped body painted with an oval panel of a lady, entitled 'Patience' on the underside and a colourful spray of flowers on the reverse each within a border of magnificent jewelling upon a richly gilded blue ground, both the neck of the cup and the well of the saucer applied with a single row of white pearl ornamentation, the base of the cup inscribed in rouge de fer with maker's details, the base of the saucer with printed mark, 95mm high, circa 1815, rim of cup and one handle with good restoration.

* For a similar cup and saucer see Bonhams London, 3rd October 2012, lot 195 2000-3000
234.    A particularly fine pair of cups and saucers by Flight Barr & Barr of Worcester painted by Thomas Baxter, the twin gilt handled urn shaped cups with painted panels entitled on the underside 'Ophelia' and 'Shylock' each with a quotation within wide moulded gilt borders upon an overglaze apple green ground, the cup necks and saucers applied with a single row of peal ornamentation and well gilded, the base of the cups inscribed with manufacturer's detail and the saucers with rouge de fer printed mark, circa 1815, 95mm high, one handle on the Shylock cup repaired and the associated ground with minor flaking, minor chips to the foot of the Ophelia cup (4) 1400-1800
235.    A very fine vase and cover by Flight Barr & Barr of Worcester painted by Thomas Baxter, the urn shaped body raised on a square foot and set with twin entwined serpent handles, painted with oval panels named on the underside 'Lady Macbeth' and 'Belisarius' each within borders of colourful jewelling on a profuse gilt decorated blue ground, the cover with a flame finial set with a single band of pearl ornamentation also repeated on the urn, the base inscribed in grey with manufacturer's detail, circa 1825, 235mm high, handles and finial restored 3000-4000
236.    A fine vase and cover by Flight Barr & Barr of Worcester painted by Thomas Baxter the deep crimson ground urn shaped body raised on a square foot and set with entwined serpent handles painted with an oval portrait named 'Belesarius' (sic) on the underside, applied with rows of pearl ornamentation to the body and lip, the base inscribed in rouge de fer with manufacturer's details and impressed with FBB mark surmounted by a crown, circa 1825, 195mm, handles restored 1600-2000
237.    A Chamberlains Worcester twin handled urn on rectangular base with domed cover, the spirally fluted body of oval section painted with a panel entitled 'Belisarius' on a profusely gilded salmon pink banded white ground, the underside of the lid inscribed 'Chamberlains Worcester' in gilt, circa 1815, 220mm high, one handle restored and the cover repaired 1000-1500
238.    A fine quality Chamberlains Worcester inkwell modelled as a putto seated reading flanked by elaborate vases and volumes of books upon a rectangular base painted with floral panels each upon a gilt reserve, the underside with inscribed mark in gilt, 135mm, repairs to putto's arm and legs and the wings removed, handles not present on vases 200-400
239.    George Stephenson: a named portrait study in pencil on paper, contained in a carved wood frame, circa 1848, 247mm high.
* Born in 1781, a renowned engineer and credited with being father of the railway he died in 1848 15-20
240.    Railways: a mid-19th century pottery mug printed in brown with a locomotive named 'Jaco' pulling carriages, 75mm 30-40
241.    Women's Institute: A cup, saucer and plate, circa 1950 (3) 20-30
242.    1896 Tsar Nicholas II: an enamelled metal 'Cup of Sorrow' and a modern Russian doll depicting various Premieres (a lot) 50-80
243.    1866 Oaks Colliery Disaster: a pottery teapot and cover printed in black with the two different scenes, 185mm high (2).
* On both 12th and 13th December the mine at Hoyle Mill exploded causing an official 361 men and boys, some as young as ten years, to perish ranking this the worst mining disaster. On re-examination the death toll has been raised to perhaps 383 lives. The disaster was the subject of a recently released film entitled 'Black Snow'. 100-150
244.    1930 Silver Jubilee of Rotary: a jug by Grays Pottery with named portrait of Paul Harris with dates and a mug for the 1974 general election detailing the Liberal vote (2) 20-40
245.    # American Architecture: a tea set by Lenox comprising teapot, sucrier, jug and six cups and saucers printed in black with named American landmark buildings and the eagle coat of arms within pink lustre borders, printed mark dated 1933 (17) 100-200
246.    # Lloyd George: a blue glazed character jug by Percy Metcalf numbered 294 of 1,000, 180mm and five pottery plates with portraits (6) 30-60
247.    # Lloyd George: an amusing white glazed parian caricature depicted standing his hand outstretched, 125mm, finger tips chipped, a pottery character jug, chipped, a composition figure and a quantity of related china, also a plate and three glasses for the MCC 1987 bi-centenary (a lot) 20-40
248.    Sir Francis Burdett: a rare glass picture entitled 'A representation of the forcible entry into the house of Sir Francis Burdett by the Sergeant at Arms on the morning he was conveyed a prisoner to the Tower, April 9th 1810', framed 332 x 442mm overall 200-400
249.    1805 Nelson in Memoriam: a white stoneware jug modelled with allegorical scenes, 180mm 50-80
250.    Wellington: a mid-19th century pottery cup and saucer with named seated portraits (2) 25-35
251.    World War I: an interesting porcelain pin tray modelled with caricatures of the Allies and patriotic inscription, 88mm high 50-150
252.    1805 Nelson: a large and impressive glass rummer well engraved with a representation of the Victory under full sail, inscribed and dated on the reverse, 210mm, the stem repaired 100-200
253.    # Nelson: a brown stoneware character jug a jug printed
254.    Nelson: a Royal Doulton stoneware teapot, small chip to inner rim of lid, 132mm and a similar mug (3) 50-80
255.    A horn beaker of flared form with an engraved named likeness of Nelson and a coloured wax framed profile of Earl St. Vincent (2) 40-50
256.    A Doulton Lambeth brown stoneware maskhead jug depicting Napoleon, 145mm and a coloured pottery jug depicting Wellington, hairline crack (2) 40-50
257.    # A Doulton Lambeth brown stoneware jug with hallmarked silver collar inscribed for the 1889 meeting of the National Rifle Association, a silver medallion for the association dated 1860, a mug printed in black with a scene entitled Inkerman and a bowl of Napoleonic interest, chipped (4) 50-80
258.    # A Doulton Lambeth brown stoneware jug inscribed and dated for General Gordon, 175mm, a character jug depicting Kitchener, a pink lustre cup and saucer, a mug, a tin dish, a picture and two silks all of Boer War interest (9) 40-60
259.    # A German bierstein with military scene dated 1905/07, 305mm, base repaired, three continental porcelain figures of soldiers, a mug for the Berlin airlift , two others and a beaker (8) 50-80
260.    Old Bill: a good pair of circular plaques with sepia scenes, circa 1917, 248mm (2) 30-60
261.    A cast bronze figure by Emile Carlier of an Italian bersaglieri from the First War in combat dress with backpack and rifle, circa 1920, 270mm 150-250
262.    # A pottery portrait bust of Lawrence of Arabia on integral socle base by Michael Sutty, 153mm, a continental pottery figure in RAF uniform and a Royal Doulton character jug of Montgomery (3) 50-80
263.    Winston Churchill: a pottery character jug by Shorter, 154mm 30-60
264.    # Winston Churchill: a cream coloured pottery character jug by Kirklands, 195mm, another by Kevin Francis and one other by Cooper Clayton, chipped, a Wedgwood blue jasperware lighter and ashtray and a circular box the cover applied with a medallion (7) 40-80
265.    # Winston Churchill: a white portrait bust by Bairstow Manor Pottery, 182mm, three composition portrait busts and another (5) 30-60
266.    # A Doulton stoneware ewer decorated in blue and green glaze for the 1897 jubilee, a small Royal Winton character jug of George VI, an Aynsley beaker for 1937 Edward VIII, restored, a 1935 mug, a pot lid, a paperweight and four other pieces (a lot) 30-40
267.    George III: a good pearlware bowl printed in blue with named superimposed profiles inscribed 'King and Constitution', circa 1793, 222mm diameter.
* See Commemorative Pottery, plate 31 180-220
268.    1821 Coronation: a good and impressive blue printed twin handled tureen, cover and stand of large size by Jones & Son, the stand with a scene of the 'Seven Bishops Going to the Tower', the 'British History' series tureen and lid depicting the coronation, each piece with a matching crown and mitre border with flowers of the Union, 275mm high, circa 1827 (3) 300-600
269.    William IV: a rectangular portrait miniature on ivory contained in an ebonised frame, 158mm x 138mm 70-100
270.    1841 Bishop of Heliopolis: a colourful octagonal nursery plate with pink lustre border, 152mm 40-60
271.    William and Mary: a good and attractive Delft dish, probably London, of small size well painted in underglaze blue with half-length portraits initialled WMR within a lined border, circa 1690, 212mm, minor glaze loss to rim and one tiny chip
* Affixed with the retailer's label of Alistair Sampson on the underside. 2000-3000
272.    William III: a polychrome English Delft dish stylishly painted in blue, orange, green and magenta with a full-length portrait depicted in a suit of armour brandishing a sword initialled KW, circa 1690, 342mm, restored.
* See Christies New York, 14th December 2015, lot 272 for a similarly drawn dish although initialled WR 1800-2200
273.    Queen Anne: a rare polychrome Delf dish, possible London, painted in brown, green and yellow with a central portrait medallion initialled AR within a wide decorated and lined border, circa 1702, 227mm, glaze loss to rim and small manufacturing defect to glaze.
* Affixed with the retailer's labels of Alistair Sampson on the underside. 2000-4000
274.    George IV: a pearlware plate, probably Scottish, with central moulded and named colourful profile within a basketware moulded border, circa 1821, 214mm, scratched and chipped 150-250
275.    Religious Comment upon the Monarchy: a rare and interesting London brown stoneware tankard of substantial size dating from the first half of the 18th century, the upper part of the cylindrical body with partial brown glazing and applied with moulded head and shoulder portraits of William and Mary centred by an oak tree with the head of Charles gazing out entitled 'Royal Oak' flanked by the incised initials J G, the tail of a similarly incised letter above, together with mouldings of orange trees, figures, horses, deer, dogs and roses, nominal half gallon capacity, 198mm high, the rim reduced.

* In comparing this mug to a variety of smaller mugs each with a very similar handle shape there is to be found a distinct similarity to the moulded banding around the base also the hunting scenes. These are attributed to Vauxhall, Southwark or Fulham Potteries and date from the first half of the 18th century and more specifically the 1720's. See 'Browne Muggs, English Brown Stoneware' by Robin Hildyard, an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in 1985. Quite probably produced sometime shortly after the Jacobite rising of the Old Pretender in 1715 in support of a Protestant Monarchy although just perhaps for that of the Young Pretender in 1745 however the reference to both William and Mary would suggest the former. 1500-2500
276.    George III: a rare glass picture entitled 'His Majesty George the third a stag hunting', published Sep. 3 1803 by I. Hinton, Wells Strt, Oxford Strt, London, framed, 348 x 448mm overall 150-300
277.    1816 Princess Charlotte Betrothal: a very rare and good creamware mug, the cylindrical body printed in brown with a caricature of the Princess and three figures from Punch one holding aloft a placard inscribed 'A prize of 30,000 Huzza', 113mm.
* Seemingly the only commemorative ever produced to take against the otherwise adored Princess this scene derides her Civil List allocation. See Commemorative Pottery, plate 43 for an image of this very same mug. 1000-2000
278.    Victoria and the Duchess of Kent: a brown stoneware spirit flask moulded with named portraits, circa 1837, 168mm 80-100
279.    A hand coloured engraving depicting George III, Prince of Wales and Duke of York on horse back, circa 1795, 262 x 208mm 20-40
280.    A hand coloured engraving by IR Cruickshank entitled 'The Time Piece! & Cunning Jack o' both sides' being a satire upon the support and evidence in the George and Caroline divorce, published by G Humphrey June 1820, framed 491 x 342mm overall.
* See BM Satires 13738 100-150
281.    A hand coloured engraving on laid paper by Heeston entitled 'The Green Bag, it's Contents & all it's Appendages are insufficient to turn the Scale of Public Opinion', depicting Caroline outweighing George on the scales of justice, published by SW Fores July 11th 1820, minor tear to corner, framed 480 x 365mm overall.
* See BM Satires 13757 100-200
282.    A hand coloured engraving on laid paper by William Heath entitled 'The Measure of Happiness or a Royal visit to the Dey of Tunis or the Great Plempo', depicting George and Caroline in Turkish costume, published by SW Fores July 20 1820, framed 418 x 518mm overall.
* See BM Satires 13767 100-200
283.    A hand coloured engraving on laid paper entitled 'An Appeal to Britons', depicting Charlotte supporting her mother against the Establishment, published by SW Fores Aug 23 1820, framed 327 x 440mm overall,
* BM number 1983.0305,31 150-200
284.    A hand coloured engraving on laid paper by William Heath entitled 'Which is the Dirtiest, so foul the Stains will be Indelible', depicting George and Caroline throwing mud, published by SW Fores Sept 5th 1820, framed 341 x 447mm overall.
* See BM Satires 13848 also George IV by Kenneth Baker, page 212 250-350
285.    A hand coloured engraving entitled 'Queen Caroline Briton's best Hope!! England's Sheet-Anchor!!! ', depicting Caroline holding an anchor, published by John Fairburn October 19th 1820, framed 448 x 342mm overall.
* Published just two days before the fifteenth anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar which was more than likely the inspiration for this cartoon. BM number 1991,0720.96 80-120
286.    A hand coloured engraving entitled 'Queen Caroline's Triumph over her enemies', published P & P Gally Feby 8th 1821, framed 248 x 302mm overall 30-60
287.    A coloured engraving entitled 'Carrying coals to Newcastle!!', depicting the procession of brassworkers, published by G Humphrey Feby 16th 1821, framed 348 x 472mm overall.
* See BM Satires 14119 100-200
288.    A splendidly detailed hand coloured engraving by Theodore Lane entitled 'Grand Entrance of Bamboozl'em', depicting Caroline and her supporters riding asses through the City, published by G Humphrey Feby 1821, framed 448 x 558mm overall.
* See BM Satires 14122 and George IV by Kenneth Baker page164 150-300
289.    A hand coloured engraving by Theodore Lane entitled, 'The C-R-L-E Column' being a satire upon the evidence and more in the George and Caroline divorce, published by G Humphrey Feby 28th 1821, framed 480 x 330mm overall.
* See BM Satires 14129 100-200
290.    A hand coloured engraving by Theodore Lane entitled 'Dido in Despair', depicting a forlorn Caroline, published by G Humphrey April 3rd 1821, framed 470 x 353mm overall.
* After Gillray's original of 6th February 1801 depicting Emma Hamilton (BM Satires 9752). See BM Satires 14144 100-200
291.    A hand coloured engraving by Theodore Lane entitled 'Caroline Fair, or Mat Pudding and his Mountebank', depicting Caroline and her supporters as players at a fair, published by G Humphrey April 16th 1821, framed 519 x 408mm overall, small tear.
* See BM Satires 14170 100-150
292.    A hand coloured engraving by Theodore Lane entitled 'An Arm-Full of Love', depicting Caroline and Bergami embracing, published by G Humphrey April 30th 1821, framed 387 x 337mm overall.
* See BM Satires 14176 100-200
293.    A printed broadsheet entitled 'The Funeral procession of her Late Most Gracious Majesty' framed 580 x 460mm overall 50-100
294.    1821 George IV's trip to Ireland: a good pair of hand coloured engravings depicting the arrival and landing at Howth on 12th August 1821, published by McCleary of Dublin, framed 470 x 520mm overall (2) 200-400
295.    A hand coloured engraving by Henry Heath entitled 'The Nightingale and the Woodpecker', depicting Mary Ann Paton and Joseph Wood, published by G Humphrey in 1830, framed 387 x 337mm overall and another depicting a young man accompanied by two ladies, one resembling Caroline, dated June 1821, (2).
* The former a satire upon the elopement of Lord William Pitt Lenox's wife Mary Ann Paton with Joseph Wood, both opera singers. See BM Satires 16424. The latter from a set of four each with medical titles; this one being Trepanning. See BM Satires 14301 100-200
296.    A rare plate: The late Duke of Wellington (161A) 123 border, chipped and two sucrier and covers (5) 30-40
297.    A pair of malachite plates: The Bully (415) and The Truant (423) and a harlequin pair: Shells (52B) (4) 20-40
298.    A pear shaped jug with hinged pewter cover: Blackberries (131/32A) 183mm and two jugs of varying size: Dick Whittington on green ground (3) 20-30
299.    A graduated set of three octagonal jugs by Davenport with floral sprays, tallest 172mm, smallest cracked (3) 20-40
300.    A jug by Wedgwood & Co: Woodpeckers, 222mm and a parian jug with medieval figures (2) 20-30
301.    A good baluster shaped mug: Blind Man's Buff (246) and Children Sailing Boat (263) green ground, gold line decoration 60-100
302.    A loving cup: The Owl (307) and The Storm Petrel (304) 113mm 60-80
303.    A large loving cup: Landscape and River Scene (416) and The Two Anglers (432) green ground, 159mm 30-40
304.    A small cylindrical cup and saucer, blue ground and another, green ground (4) 30-40
305.    A matched pair of spill vases: Passing the Pipe (404) and The Smokers (405) black mottled ground, gold line decoration, one restored (2) 50-80
306.    A malachite tobacco jar and cover of large size: Jolly Topers (406) gold line decoration, 144mm, fine star crack to base (2).
* Ex Lewington collection, lot 23 200-400
307.    A Princess Christian vase: Exhibition Buildings 1851 (134) acanthus leaf moulding in green 60-90
308.    A malachite moon flask: The Red Bull Inn (359) and The Skewbald Horse (277) 30-40
309.    A circular pottery flask printed on both sides in black and decorated in colours with fruits, wheat stalks and foliage, 200mm high 60-100
310.    A circular plaque: The Kingfisher (296) framed 30-40
311.    A side plate: The First Appeal (329C) harebell border and five other side plates each with 123 borders (6) 20-40
312.    A pair of side plates: green ground with harebell borders, two with white borders and two others with coloured borders (6) 30-50
313.    A dessert plate: The Cottage Children (313) brown harebell border and another: Red Bull Inn (359) green harebell border (2) 25-35
314.    A plate: The Fair Sportswoman (250) another The Truant (413) and one other: Landscape and River Scene (416) (3) 25-35
315.    Three dessert plates: Bouquet (439B and C) colourful petal border and another (4) 20-30
316.    Three plates of shaped outline: Bouquet and Floral Subjects (3) 15-25
317.    Six plates with moulded foliate rims each with floral decoration (6) 20-30
318.    Three plates and a comport with vine leaf printed borders, six pottery plates with floral decoration, a pair of plates with classical figures and a comport with classical urn (13) 20-40
319.    A pair of dessert plates: the Sea Eagle (289) and The Kestrel (287) blue dot and gold line borders (2) 50-70
320.    A pair of dessert plates: The Thrush (293) and A Pair of Wrens (279) blue dot and gold line border (2) 60-90
321.    Three matching dessert plates: A Pair of Wrens ((279) The Reed Warbler (285) and The Thrush (293) green, blue dot and gold lined border (3) 120-160
322.    Three matching dessert plates: Snowy Owl and Young (286) Blue Tit and Long Tailed Tit (282) The Sea Eagle (289) and another The Robin (278) blue, blue dot and gold lined border (4) 100-120
323.    Three matching dessert plates: The Robin (278) The Reed Warbler (285) restored, The Swallow (283) and another (4) 40-60
324.    A Bird Subject dessert service comprising nine plates and a shallow comport, blue dot border, one plate and the comport restored (10) 100-200
325.    An impressive Bird Subject dessert service comprising: six plates, three shallow and one tall comport, green, blue dot and gold line border (10) 400-800
326.    A plate: Haddon Hall (435) green ground classical female border, gold lining 30-60
327.    A pair of plates: Haddon Hall (435) and Chatsworth (437) pale green classical female border (2) 60-90
328.    A pair of plates: Haddon Hall (435) and Hafod (436) blue classical female border lined in red and gilt (2) 60-80
329.    Three matching plates: Haddon Hall (435) Chatsworth (437) and Tremadoc (430) purple classical female border lined in red and gilt (3) 120-160
330.    A shallow comport: Hafod (436) green classical female border lined in blue and gilt and four similar green bordered plates (5) 80-120
331.    A plate: The Truant (143) oakleaf border with profuse gilt decoration, the reverse with Prince Albert stamp 30-40
332.    A narrow malachite bordered plate: The Last Inn (412) the reverse with Prince Albert stamp and another: The Bully (415) 70-10
333.    Pegwell Bay (69) and Mending the Nets (70) both restored (2) 30-40
334.    Mending the Nets (70) 30-40
335.    Continental Fish market (71) 25-30
336.    The Fleet at Anchor (72) 400-800
337.    Landing of the British Army (73) 120-180
338.    Battle of the Alma, 20th Sept 1854 (74) cracked 40-60
339.    Battle of the Alma (75) 70-100
340.    Charge of the Scots Greys (76) 120-160
341.    The Dragoon Charge (77) restored and chipped 60-80
342.    The Fall of Sebastopol (78) 150-180
343.    Sir Harry Jones (79) 140-160
344.    Constantinople (80) small chips 25-30
345.    Meet of the Foxhounds (81) hairline crack and stained and The Deer Stalker and Wild Deer (92, 92A) (2) 30-50
346.    The Traveller's Departure (82) chips to foot 25-35
347.    Venice (84) hairline crack 30-40
348.    Passing the Pipe (90) black mottled ground 70-90
349.    Uncle Tom and Eva (91) black mottled ground, restored 30-50
350.    Reception of HRH Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra (96) 30-40
351.    Continental Fish Market (71) and a monochrome jar with classical hunting scene (2) 20-25
352.    The Dragoon Charge Balaklava (77) restored rim and foot 30-50
353.    The Deer Stalker (92) and Wild Deer (92A) with lid (2) 50-70
354A.   A small baluster shaped jar printed with various fruits, gilt rim, 77mm and another with different fruits (2) 40-80
354B.   Sea Nymph with Trident (64) framed, the reverse affixed with three labels inscribed and signed by G.E. Lambert 200-400
354C.   The Frigate by Moonlight (not in production) framed, the reverse affixed with a label inscribed and signed by G.E. Lambert 200-300
355.    Pegwell Bay, Lobster Fishing (24) Four Shrimpers (26) Pretty Kettle of Fish (48) and The Shrimpers (63) (4) 40-80
356.    Hamlet (231) Landing the Fare (38) Pretty Kettle of Fish (48) Lobster Sauce (49) (4) 40-60
357.    The Fisherboy (341) Hamlet (231) Meeting of Garibaldi (211) and Peace (220) (4) 40-80
358.    The Volunteers (214) 30-50
359.    A Fix (256) large, fancy border 25-35
360.    Alas, Poor Bruin (1) The Shepherdess (325) and The Shepherd Boy ((326) (3) 40-50
361.    Tam o Shanter and Souter Johnny (346) and Tam o Shanter (347) (2) 40-50
362.    # Three coloured lids, four monochrome and 23 bases (30) 30-40
363.    Alas, Poor Bruin (1) The Bear Pit (6) and Bears at School (19) (3) 40-80
364.    Bears on Rock (10) medium 30-40
365.    Belle Vue (30) with bay window and Established 1760 (25) (2) 30-40
366.    Royal Harbour (42) and Landing the Fare (38) (2) 30-40
367.    Shells (52B) and Lobster sauce (49) (2) 25-35
368.    Hauling in the Trawl (53) Examining the Nets (54) and The Shrimpers (63) (3) 30-50
369.    Lady with Hawk (106) and Dr Johnson (175) (2) 30-40
370.    Floral (131/5) 20-30
371.    The Great Exhibition, Opening (140) 80-120
372.    England's Pride (149) The Late Prince Consort (153) and The Late Duke of Wellington (161B) (3) 40-60
373.    Wellington (160) and Sir Robert Peel (170) (2) 40-60
374.    Wellington (160B).
* Ex Ball collection, lot 654 40-60
375.    Sir Charles Napier (167A) fine hairline crack 25-35
376.    Stratfieldsaye (188) green flange, Chapel Royal (198) and Choir of Chapel Royal (199) (3) 30-50
377.    Thirsty Soldier (205) Embarking for the East (206) and Battle of the Nile (210) (3) 30-40
378.    Harbour of Hong Kong (221) Ning Po River (222) and Wimbledon (223) (3) 30-50
379.    Shakespeare's Birthplace, Exterior (226) Interior (227) Anne Hathaway's Cottage (228) and Seven Ages (230) (4) 40-60
380.    Master of the Hounds (247) and The Skaters (258) (2) 25-35
381.    Dangerous Skating (249) Snap Dragon (253) and Children Sailing Boat (263) fine hairline crack (3) 30-50
382.    The Best Card (354) Hide and Seek (255) and A Pair (252) (3) 30-40
383.    Fair Sportswoman (250) The Enthusiast (245) and Village Wedding (240) (3) 30-40
384.    Cattle and Ruins (315) and Dutch Winter Scene (308) (2) 30-50
385.    French Street Scene (312) The Farriers (324) and The Picnic (354) stained (3) 40-50
386.    The Shepherdess (325) The Shepherd Boy (326) and Fording the Stream (335) (3) 30-50
387.    Uncle Toby (328) The Times (327) and On Guard (340) (3) 25-35
388.    Transplanting Rice (332) The Wolf and the Lamb (361) and The First Appeal (329C) (3) 30-40
389.    Autumn (342B) 30-50
390.    The Poultrywoman (349) Peasant Boys (348) and The Breakfast Party (314) (3) 30-50
391.    Girl with Grapes (345) black mottled flange complete with matching base (2) 40-60
392.    Peasant Boys (348) black mottled flange with gilt decoration complete with matching base (2) 60-80
393.    Driving Cattle (387) 30-40
394.    A Sea Shore Study (393) with base (2) 25-35
395.    Tyrolese Village Scene (397) with base (2) 25-35
396.    Shooting Bears (13) An Eastern Repast (98) The Toilette (102) Lady with Guitar (107) and Little Red Riding Hood (358) each restored (6) 40-60
397.    Allied Generals (168) Garibaldi (169) Alexandra Palace (200) Our Pets (242) The Snow Drift (276) and Strasburg (331) each restored (6) 40-60
398.    # Gosnell's Cherry Toothpaste, two monochrome lids, eight bases and books by Ball, Mortimer, Clarke and Williams-Wood (15) 20-40
399.    Pegwell Bay, Lobster Fishing (24) large, Belle Vue with Cart (27) and Belle Vue (30) without bay window, each framed (3) 40-80
400.    Pegwell Bay, Four Shrimpers (26) Established 1760 (25) Landing the Fare (38) and The Shrimpers (63) each framed (4) 40-60
401.    Pegwell Bay, Shrimpers (31) with boat in cliff, framed 150-180
402.    Royal Harbour (42) and Nelson Crescent (43) both framed (2) 40-50
403.    Walmer Castle (45) Hauling in the Trawl (53) Examining the Nets (54) each framed and Shells (52B) with unusual flange (4) 40-60
404.    Exhibition Buildings 1851 (134) The Crystal Palace (137) and New York (142) later issue, each framed (3) 50-80
405.    L'Exposition Universelle (145) Philadelphia Exhibition (147) and Paris Exhibition (148) each framed (3) 40-60
406.    The Late Duke of Wellington (161A) and Stratfieldsaye (188) framed (2) 40-50
407.    The Swing (239) May Day Dancers (233) Battle of the Nile (210) and Peace (220) each framed (4) 40-60
408.    Dangerous Skating (249) and three Shakespeare lids, each framed (4) 40-60
409.    The Skaters (258) and The Enthusiast (245) A Pair (252) Hide and Seek (255) and A Race (257) each framed (5) 50-70
410.    Deerhound Guarding Cradle (269) and Children Sailing Boat (263) both framed (2) 40-50
411.    Country Quarters (273) Both Alike (272) and High Life (274) each framed (3) 40-50
412.    Dutch Winter Scene (308) and Lady Boy and Goats (316) each framed (2) 40-50
413.    The Old Water Mill (318) and The Faithful Shepherd (309) each framed (2) 40-50
414.    HRH Visiting the Tomb (310) Fording the Stream (225) and I See You My Boy (311) both red and blue cap varieties, each framed (4) 40-60
415.    French Street Scene (312) The Farriers (324) Vue de la Ville de Strasbourg (333) each framed and Alexandra Palace (200) with base (5) 40-60
416.    Deer Drinking (321) The Waterfall (365) and Red Bull Inn (359) each framed (3) 40-60
417.    The Rivals (322) The Dentist (323) Feeding the Chickens (267) and Eastern Lady (99) each framed (4) 50-80
418.    The Shepherdess (325) The Shepherd Boy (326) The First Appeal (329C) and The Second Appeal (330B) each framed (4) 40-80
419.    The Fisherboy (341) The Poultrywoman (349) and On Guard (340) both varieties, each framed (4) 40-50
420.    The Listener (363) The Wolf and the Lamb (361) The Picnic (354) each framed and Transplanting Rice (332) (4) 30-50
421.    The Donkey's Foal (386) and Sea Shore Study (393) with bases (4) 40-60
422.    The Waterfall (365) black mottled flange complete with matching base, both restored and Chain Pier Brighton, monochrome, framed (3) 20-30
423.    Reflection in a Mirror (104) restored and five other lids each defective and framed (6) 30-50
424.    Seven various medium sized lids each defective (7) 30-40
425.    Shakespeare's Birthplace, Exterior (226) Holborn (202) restored, framed and two blank lids (4) 10-20
426.    Coraline Toothpaste prepared by A. Garrett Chamberlain of Rugby with a picture of the school buildings, restored 150-300
427.    Belle Vue Tavern with Cart (27) fine hairline crack 150-200
428.    An Eastern Repast (98) medium, the reverse with Trinder stamp 50-80
429.    The Mirror (101) 30-40
430.    Lady Boy and Mandolin (109) black mottled flange complete with matching base, lid damaged (2) 30-60
431.    The Garden Terrace (115) restored 30-40
432.    The Tryst (117) restored 30-50
433.    The Rose Garden (120) 70-90
434.    The Circasian (127) fine hairline crack 40-60
435.    Floral (131/20) hairline crack 30-40
436.    Queen Victoria on Balcony (150) medium 25-35
437.    The Parish Beadle (236) black lined border, fine hairline crack.

* Ex Mortimer collection, lot 218A 60-90
438.    Xmas Eve (238) restored 25-30
439.    The Ruined Tower (377A) with base (2).
* Ex Smith collection, lot 321C 40-60
440.    Alas! Poor bruin (1) and Bear, Lion and Cock (19) (2) 30-40
441.    Bear Hunting (4) hairline crack 30-50
442.    Bears at School (9) and The Bear Pit (6) (2) 30-40
443.    Bear on Rock (10) brown bears, medium, framed 25-35
444.    The Ins (15) 70-90
445.    Arctic Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin (17) stained 80-100
446.    Bear Lion and Cock (19) and The Bear Pit (6) (2) 30-50
447.    Belle Vue (30) without bay window Established 1760 (25) Landing the Fare (38) and Walmer Castle (45) each framed (4) 50-80
448.    Four Shrimpers (26) Royal Harbour, Ramsgate (42) and Examining the Nets (54) two examples (4) 50-80
449.    Pretty Kettle of Fish (48) The Fishbarrow (58) Examining the Nets (54) and The Shrimpers (63) (4) 50-80
450.    Hauling in the Trawl (53) Examining the Nets (54) Lobster Sauce (49) The Fishbarrow (58) and The Shrimpers (63) each framed (5) 60-90
451.    Floral (131/5) with base (2) 30-50
452.    The Crystal Palace (137) 30-40
453.    Wellington with Clasped Hands (160A).
* Ex Cashmore collection, lot 423D and Hart collection, lot 276B 30-40
454.    The Blue Boy (174) The Late Prince Consort (153) and Lady with Guitar (107) (3) 50-70
455.    Strathfieldsaye (188) and Albert Memorial (191) both framed (2) 40-50
456.    Sandringham (181) Thames Embankment (197) and Drayton Manor (179) later issue (3) 50-80
457.    St Paul's Cathedral and the River Pageant (185) medium 30-40
458.    The Tower of London (186) stained 40-50
459.    Golden Horn (204) War (212) and Chin Chew River (218) (3) 40-60
460.    Meeting of Garibaldi and Victor Emmanuel (211) War (219) and Peace (220) each framed (3) 40-60
461.    Volunteers (214) 50-70
462.    Peace (220).
* Ex Lewington collection, lot 293 25-30
463.    Ning Po River (222) Shakespeare's Birthplace, Exterior (226) and Interior (227) Village Wedding (232) and Il Penseroso (235) each framed (5) 60-80
464.    Shakespeare's Birthplace, Exterior (226) Interior (227) and Anne Hathaway's Cottage 228) each with leaf and scroll border (3) 100-150
465.    Holy Trinity Church (229) and Children of Flora (237) (2) 30-50
466.    Hamlet (231) and Peace (220) (2) 25-35
467.    The Village Wakes (232) shaped lid for Fezziwig or Punch base, restored 20-40
468.    The Village Wakes (232) shaped lid complete with matching green printed Punch base, restored rim chip to lid (2) 100-140
469.    The Parish Beadle (236) shaped lid complete with matching dark green printed Fezziwig Ball base (2) 500-800
470.    Xmas Eve (238) 40-60
471.    Xmas Eve (238) 30-50
472.    A Pair (252) The Enthusiast (245) Village Wedding (240) and The Game Bag (260) each framed (4) 60-90
473.    Dangerous Skating (249) and Snap Dragon (253) (2) 30-50
474.    A Fix (256) large, fancy border.

* Ex Lewington collection, lot 339 40-60
475.    Hide and Seek (255) The Skaters (258) and The Game Bag (260) (3) 50-70
476.    The Skaters (258) The Skewbald Horse (277) and A Race (257) each framed (3) 40-50
477.    Children Sailing Boat in Tub (263) and Deerhound Guarding Cradle (269) (2) 40-60
478.    The Game Bag (265) Feeding the Chickens (267) The Begging Dog (270) and The Snow Drift (276) each framed (4) 50-70
479.    Good Dog (265) and Contrast (266) (2) 40-50
480.    The Begging Dog (270) and Pompey and Caesar (271) (2) 40-50
481.    Low Life (275) The Snow Drift (276) and Country Quarters (273) restored (3) 30-40
482.    Dutch Winter Scene (308) and Lady, Boy and Goats (316) (2) 40-50
483.    The Dentist (323) I See You My Boy (311) and The First Appeal (329C) (3) 40-60
484.    Cattle and Ruins (315) large, fancy border and Fording the Stream (335) both framed 30-50
485.    The Rivals (322) The Shepherd Boy (326) and Uncle Toby (328) each framed (3) 40-50
486.    The Shepherdess (325) The Shepherd Boy (326) and Transplanting Rice (332) each framed (3) 40-50
487.    The Second Appeal (330B) large and medium varieties and The First Appeal (329C) each framed (3) 60-90
488.    Strasburg (331) large and French Street Scene (312) large, framed (2) 40-50
489.    Transplanting Rice (332) large, black mottled border 30-50
490.    Vue de la Ville de Strasbourg (333) and The Farriers (324) both framed (2) 40-50
491.    Grace Before Meals (338).
* Ex Sockett collection, lot 360 40-60
492.    The Fisherboy (341) and Little Red Riding Hood (358) (2) 40-60
493.    Girl with Grapes (345) and The Irishman (357) both framed (2) 40-60
494.    Girl with Grapes (345) domed lid with black marbled border and flange, chip to rim, complete with matching base (2) 50-70
495.    Tam o Shanter and Souter Johnny (346) and Tam o Shanter (347) (2).
* Ex Lewington collection, lots 416 and 417 60-90
496.    Tam o Shanter and Souter Johnny (346) and The Maid Servant (343) chipped (2) 30-50
497.    Peasant Boys (348) domed lid with black marbled border and flange 50-70
498.    The Poultry Woman (349) Preparing for the Ride (351) and Persuasion (353) each framed (3) 50-70
499.    The Picnic (354) framed 25-35
500.    The Red Bull Inn (359) large, fancy border and The Cavalier (356) (2) 40-60
501.    A Letter from the Diggings (360) The Wolf and the Lamb (361) and On Guard (340) each framed (3) 50-70
502.    Charity (362) large, A letter from the Diggings (360) and The Wolf and the Lamb (361) (3) 50-70
503.    Medieval Mansion (374) green border complete with matching base (2) 40-60
504.    The Donkey's Foal (386) with base (2) 20-30
505.    A Sea Shore Study (393) and The Donkey's Foal (386) both with bases (4) 40-60
506.    # A pair of late issue lids: Our Pets and Our Home, another The Boar Hunt, three malachite lids by Graphaprint, three late issue lids depicting birds each with a base and a monochrome lid: Morning, chipped (16) 40-60
507.    # Fourteen various pot lid bases and two frames (16) 15-20