The Pot Lid & Commemoratives Experts

Historical & Collectable, the only auction house in the world to regularly hold specialist auctions of Commemoratives and Staffordshire Pot Lids, is owned and run by Andrew Hilton who personally has forty-five years experience of these popular Collectables.

Commencing his career in 1973 with international auction house Phillips Son & Neale, Andrew Hilton, already responsible for the auctions of Staffordshire Pot Lids, identified the growing popularity for Collectors Items in the late 1970's. The world famous Collectors Department was established in London's Mayfair in 1980 catering for auctions as diverse as toys and dolls, rock and pop memorabilia, cars and traditional river craft also proved hugely popular and all appealing to a worldwide audience. He was appointed a Director of Phillips in 1983. 

In 1991 Andrew Hilton set up his own auction house Special Auction Services and under his leadership the variety and success of the sales flourished.  Driven by his passion for and historical interest in Commeratives, Staffordshire Pot Lids, Fairings and Baxter Prints,  he choose to concentrate solely on these ever popular subjects.  In passing ownership of his auction company to staff he continued to trade as Historical and Collectable.

Regarded as the leading authority Historical & Collectable continues to host regular auctions of Commemoratives and Pot Lids. Notable collections sold by Andrew Hilton include those of both the authors of the works of reference on Pot Lids: Abe Ball and more recently Keith Mortimer as well as the collection of the entertainment celebrity Leslie Crowther. Andrew Hilton also held the auctions of the Shnayerson Collection of British Political Commemoratives, the Wood and the Colbert Collections of Commemoratives.  Currently he is working on the disposal of the celebrated Simpson collection of Commemoratives which is to be sold in 2021.